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Friday, June 29, 2012

Change Url of Left Navigation Pane Link at runtime in CRM 2011

You can change the Url of Left Navigation Pane link dynamically.

To explain this i take an scenerio that i have a entity, in this i have an custom left navigation pane link which loads an external URL, here i consider that as Google. Now dynamically i want to change that URL to my Blog URL. We can achieve this by the below code:

the function loadIsvArea(Mscrm.CrmUri.create(iframeUrl),false) is responsible for achieving this.
//Get all navigation items for this form.
var items = Xrm.Page.ui.navigation.items.get();

//Go through the list of navigation items.
for (var i in items)
  //Get the current navigation item in the for loop
  var item = items[i];
  //Get the label of the current navigation item
  var itemLabel = item.getLabel();
  //Check if this is the navigation item we are looking for using the label name.
  if(itemLabel == "Custom Link")
    //Get the current navigation item id.
    var areaId = item.getId();
 //Get navigation element by using the id.
    var navElement = document.getElementById(areaId);
    //Make sure that the navigation element is not empty or null
    if (navElement != null && navElement != undefined)
    //Create the url to use in the navigation link
    var iframeUrl = encodeURI("");
    //Create a function that is run when the navigation link is clicked.
 navElement.onclick = function ()
      //Start by creating the area, this is where the url looses "/report/path" from the path.
      //Get the iframe in the navigation area.
      var navIframeObject = document.getElementById(areaId+"AreaFrame");
      //Set the source for the iframe again with the correct url.
      navIframeObject.src = iframeUrl;

This results as:

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